Intenze Special Products

Intenze Special Products
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Intenze Bob Tyrrell - Distilled Mixer 12oz

This Distilled Solution is recommended for use with the Bob Tyrrell Advanced Black and Grey Formula ..

RM85 Ex Tax: RM85

Intenze Cleanze Concentrate 12oz

INTENZE's signature skin soothing solution. INTENZE Cleanze reduces redness and cools down skin duri..

RM108 Ex Tax: RM108

Intenze Cleanze Ready To Use

Cleanze Ready to Use is an all natural, alcohol free, no burn anti-septic spray for tattoo..

RM32 Ex Tax: RM32

Intenze Color Mixing Solution

INTENZE pigments are highly concentrated in its original form. Therefore, upon request of many tatto..

RM68 Ex Tax: RM68

Intenze Special Shading Solution

The shading solution is consistent of a perfectly balanced blend between witch hazel, glycerine and ..

RM68 Ex Tax: RM68