Intenze Ink Color Sets

Intenze Ink Color Sets
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Intenze Earth Tone Color Set - 1oz

This set does not need much explanation. It is a must in every artist̀¢'s color line. The Earth Tones..

RM544 Ex Tax: RM544

Intenze Ink 10 Pastel Color Set

Here we have 10 Pastel Colors put together for you in a Tattoo Ink Set. Included are the following p..

RM324 Ex Tax: RM324

Intenze Ink 19 Color Set

A 19 Color Tattoo Ink Set is similar to a starter kit. The following colors are included: Snow White..

RM615 Ex Tax: RM615

Intenze Ink 25 Color Set

This set includes: Dark Chocolate, Medium Brown, Bright Orange, Bamboo, Flesh, Sunburn, Cherry Bomb,..

RM805 Ex Tax: RM805

Intenze Ink 54 Color Set - 1oz

The 54 Color Ink Set includes: Snow White Opaque, Snow White Mixing, Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, So..

RM2,935 Ex Tax: RM2,935

Intenze Ink Alex De Pase Advanced Fleshtone Series - 1oz

INTENZE teamed up with Alex De Pase, a world class tattoo artist and master of the color portrait, t..

RM481 Ex Tax: RM481

Intenze Ink Andy Engel Essentials Set - 1oz

Andy Engel has always been partial to black and grey tattooing, but likes to put a twist on the trad..

RM1,515 Ex Tax: RM1,515

Intenze Ink Bob Tyrrel Advanced Black And Grey Formula Set - 1oz

Learn to tattoo like black and grey master Bob Tyrrell with this set! Watch our full tutorial video ..

RM481 Ex Tax: RM481

Intenze Ink Boris From Hungary Color Set - 1oz

Boris from Hungary is currently doing some of the most advanced tattoo work in the world. As his wor..

RM1,182 Ex Tax: RM1,182

Intenze Ink Bowery Ink Set By Bowery Stan Moskowitz - 1oz

This 8 color pigment set was matched by tattoo legend Bowery Stan Moskowitz to be the true colors th..

RM466 Ex Tax: RM466

Intenze Ink Chris 51 Geek Set - 1oz

Whether it's for his hard work or tattoo work, Chris 51 is known as one of the most colorful artists..

RM968 Ex Tax: RM968

Intenze Ink Color Lining Ink Series Set - 1oz

This revolutionary tattoo ink allows artists the flexibility to create color tattoos without black l..

RM620 Ex Tax: RM620

Intenze Ink Dragon Color Set - 1oz

Features exclusive Japanese Tattoo Ink | Dragon Color Tattoo Ink Set - set includes 6 colors: Mario'..

RM374 Ex Tax: RM374

Intenze Ink Mario Barth Gold Label Set - 1oz

Mario Barth has been personally developing this product for five years, and he is proud to say that ..

RM1,107 Ex Tax: RM1,107

Intenze Ink Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey Set - 1oz

INTENZE Products is proud to present a new black & grey tattoo ink set formulated by legendary t..

RM374 Ex Tax: RM374