Intenze Ink Artist Series Set

Intenze Ink Artist Series Set
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Intenze Formula 23 Complete Shading Series

he new Formula 23 Shading Series includes Dark, Medium, and Light shading colors, the perfect comple..

RM898 Ex Tax: RM898

Intenze Ink Alex De Pase Advanced Fleshtone Series

INTENZE teamed up with Alex De Pase, a world class tattoo artist and master of the color portrait, t..

RM388 Ex Tax: RM388

Intenze Ink Andy Engel Essentials Set

Andy Engel has always been partial to black and grey tattooing, but likes to put a twist on the trad..

RM1,221 Ex Tax: RM1,221

Intenze Ink Bob Tyrrel Advanced Black And Grey Formula Set

Learn to tattoo like black and grey master Bob Tyrrell with this set! Watch our full tutorial video ..

RM388 Ex Tax: RM388

Intenze Ink Boris From Hungary Color Set

Boris from Hungary is currently doing some of the most advanced tattoo work in the world. As his wor..

RM931 Ex Tax: RM931

Intenze Ink Bowery Ink Set By Bowery Stan Moskowitz

This 8 color pigment set was matched by tattoo legend Bowery Stan Moskowitz to be the true colors th..

RM368 Ex Tax: RM368

Intenze Ink Chris 51 Geek Set

Whether it's for his hard work or tattoo work, Chris 51 is known as one of the most colorful artists..

RM780 Ex Tax: RM780

Intenze Ink Mario Barth Gold Label Set

Mario Barth has been personally developing this product for five years, and he is proud to say that ..

RM907 Ex Tax: RM907

Intenze Ink Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey Set

INTENZE Products is proud to present a new black & grey tattoo ink set formulated by legendary t..

RM348 Ex Tax: RM348

Intenze Ink Mike Demasi Color Portrait Set

"When doing a color portrait, people often ask "what color tattoo inks do you use?" Not knowing that..

RM931 Ex Tax: RM931

Intenze Steve Butcher 24 Color Set 1oz

Intenze Tattoo Ink Artist Series — Steve Butcher 24 Color Pigment Series — Set of 24 1oz BottlesInte..

RM1,654 Ex Tax: RM1,654