Eternal Ink Color Sets

Eternal Ink Color Sets
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Eternal Color Sample Set

Our new and improved sample pack includes 12 colors aimed to cover all your basic primary colors and..

RM315 Ex Tax: RM315

Eternal Top 25 Color Set

This sets includes the following colors which are also featured in our 50 Color Full Set.White, Trip..

RM640 Ex Tax: RM640

Eternal Silver 50 Color Set

 We have always been willing to listen to feedback from our customers and the results are color..

RM2,287 Ex Tax: RM2,287

Eternal Ink Travel Set

Finally, a kit specially designed for the traveling artist. We have included this adjustable carryin..

RM588 Ex Tax: RM588

Eternal Seasonal Spectrum Set - 1oz

The Seasonal Spectrum Series features an assortment of 12 colors found throughout the seasons. You’l..

RM606 Ex Tax: RM606

Eternal Vintage Ink Set - 1oz

Vintage Ink is a brand-new set of tattoo inks based on nostalgic, popular hues. The hues includ..

RM863 Ex Tax: RM863

Eternal Andrea Afferni Portrait Set - 1oz

Creating the illusion of reality in portrait art requires an experienced eye for color. The And..

RM517 Ex Tax: RM517

Eternal Big Gus Signature Series - 1oz

Big Gus is a master of the tattoo cover-up. As part of Spike TV’s ‘Tattoo Nightmares’ show, Big Gus ..

RM380 Ex Tax: RM380

Eternal Bryan Sanchez M. Watercolor Ink Set - 1oz

Bryan Sánchez has perfected a tattoo style that exhibits all the fluid grace of watercolor art. Work..

RM606 Ex Tax: RM606

Eternal Frank La Natra Signature Series Set - 1oz

Tattoo artist Frank La Natra provides a foundation for mastering landscapes and atmospheric effects ..

RM606 Ex Tax: RM606

Eternal Goran Micic Artist's Palette Set - 1oz

This is the Artist’s Palette of Goran Micic. Micic has perfected his approach to color mixing. Throu..

RM387 Ex Tax: RM387

Eternal Jess Yen Set - 2oz

Jess Yen’s tattoo art blends elements of realism and materialism into one fluid image. Eternal Ink w..

RM2,005 Ex Tax: RM2,005

Eternal Levgen Signature Series Set - 1oz

The Levgen Signature Series brings a fresh viewpoint to the Eternal Ink spectrum of colors. Tattoo a..

RM583 Ex Tax: RM583