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Five-Star Vasocaine Tropical Anesthetic Spray 4oz

Dermal Source’s Five-Star Vasocaine is a liquid-based topical anesthetic in a 4 oz spray top bottle,..

RM315 RM250 Ex Tax: RM250

Heater Sterilized

Heater:600wVolume:60LTemperature : 150 +45 or -5 CelciusSterilization Time : Within 20 MinExternal S..

RM1,219 Ex Tax: RM1,219

Humming Bird Rotary Machine V3 - Pink

Swiss made motor.Adjustable strokeFits standard tubes and cartridges...

RM850 Ex Tax: RM850

Tattoo Goo Pro Series 6oz Jar

Pro Series by Tattoo Goo, Use Before..Use DuringDIRECTIONS: Use during the tattooing process as a so..

RM98 Ex Tax: RM98

Airbrush Braided Air Hose

The braided airhose can be used to attach an airbrush to any of our compressor kits.Technical Data:1..

RM32 Ex Tax: RM32

Airbush Cleaning Pot

3-in-1 Airbrush Cleaning Pot-1.Multi-purpose cleaning jar.- This clean pot also can be used as an &n..

RM56 Ex Tax: RM56

Airbrush Penholder

It is for putting the airbrush .After finishing airbrusht painting , you could put the airbrush on t..

RM56 Ex Tax: RM56

Manifold 4 Port

This device will allow connecting up to 3 airbrushes to the same compressor. The fourth port is used..

RM26 Ex Tax: RM26